Around Holiday Gift Giving This Year

If you have ever…

  • Found yourself waiting until you are in the “holiday spirit” to make handmade gifts, but then felt like it was too late to start…

  • Made handmade gifts for friends and family, only to visit their house and see them in the same place they left them on holiday you gifted it…

  • Conclude that your family and friends only want designer things that you can’t afford…

  • In the position of needing to make handmade gifts for financial reasons, only to keep spending big year after year because you “just know they won’t like it”…

  • Felt cheap because you are giving a handmade gift instead a store-bought one…

  • Watched people’s faces while they open your handmade gift and found yourself disappointed with their response (and then berated yourself for it)…

  • Looked around your jam-packed craft room and felt guilty because you aren’t using all that craft stash…

    If this sounds like you, there’s a way out.

    The holiday season has become so commercialized that people just naturally expect store-bought gifts, and sometimes that just doesn’t feel good to us. And that’s okay.

    Or maybe you love to make things and you really can’t justify spending a ton of money during the holidays when you have cool stuff that you worked hard on in your craft stash. That’s okay too.

    Or maybe you just don’t have another dime for anything extra, let alone for the holidays (but you do have this craft stash)…

    Whatever the reason, it’s all okay.

The Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Program has your back.


“Each year I have high hopes for creating handmade gifts for Christmas, but I always fail. I simply am not organized enough on my own! But this year, using this course, I am ahead of the game. I have my gifts planned out and know exactly when I will get them finished. It’s such a relief!”

~Mindy Wood, Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Student

Hey hey, new friend!👋

I know what it’s like…

…to feel those painful feelings when it seems like no one appreciates what I make

…to worry about spending another $25 per person on hit-or-miss gifts this year

…to kick myself for not planning better for the most expensive holiday of the year

I get it, I was there once.

But the good news is…that doesn’t have to be you!


You deserve so much more than repeating the same cycle year after year, vowing in January to make the next holiday season different.

The Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Program will help you break that cycle and have the holiday season you deserve!

Are you ready to get started?

In the Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Program you will:

Make high-quality handmade gifts in short periods of time

Get back control of your budget — your way

Restore your love for giving to the people you love

Have the holiday gift-giving experience you never thought you could have

Inside of the Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Program, we're changing from feeling inferior to feeling empowered to give the gifts we make...with confidence.

High quality handmade gift giving, without the negativity

Coast through the holiday season with self-trust and self-assurance that you have made the right decisions

This is what happens when you stop worry about what other people are thinking about you and your handmade gifts

This is what happens when you have fresh ideas and community at your disposal for encouragement and camaraderie

What You Will Get:

My Detailed Handmade Gift Planning System
($37 value)

Ten full-color worksheets that will help you get and stay organized as you plan your lists, schedule, budget, and of course, your gift projects. Each page corresponds with a lesson with detailed instructions included.

Start your own gift planner with these pages and use the information you put together year after year!

Project Instructions eBook + PDF Printables
($47 value)

All of the projects included in this course come complete with instructions, shopping list recommendations, ideas for personalizing, and more. Most projects can even be made in bulk so you will get more done in less time!

25 BONUS Printables
($19 value)

Every project includes printables you can use to make your gifts look high-end and polished. The ones pictured above are just for one project! There are many more pages inside (and coming soon) that can be printed on regular paper, sticker paper, or cardstock to complete your gifts.

8 Detailed Instructional Videos ($47 value)

Includes detailed videos for some of the more difficult projects. No need to feel like you are going to poison your family and friends when you make homemade jam, or hurt yourself by handling lye. You’ll get the safety instruction needed for these projects, and if you need more help, you’ll have the community and myself!

Also includes:

That’s $383 worth of resources just in the Program itself! But wait… there’s more!

As if that's not enough of a fantastic deal, I'm throwing in my BONUS BUNDLE that will make your handmade gift-making easily repeatable year after year!

That's $335 in Bonuses!
for a grand total of $718 in handmade gift making resources for just $137

Are you ready to grab all these resources and start making handmade gifts?

Plan all your handmade holiday gifts on time, on budget, and stress free!

  • Plan your handmade holiday gifts from start to finish with detailed planning instructions

  • Get your handmade gifts done on time, on budget, and stress- free!

  • Complete project instructions included for gifts such as: homemade extracts, handmade soap, handmade candles, beauty and self-care products, and more!

  • Any new projects and instructions added periodically are added at no extra charge!


This program starts when you get in the doors, and after that, you work at your own pace. While the program is self-guided, you won’t be alone. You’ll have the student community and myself to ask questions, share, or get ideas from.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. In addition to that, I will be adding more and more project ideas and teaching over time at no extra cost to you.

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

Great question! I have used the system I teach in the course for years now, and I’ve been able to give mostly handmade gifts at the holidays, plus I’ve been able to keep an overflow of handmade gifts on hand for other gift-giving occasions throughout the year.

I know this is going to work for you because inside are all the tools you need to get you the results you want with your handmade gift making. And I’m am going to make sure you get the results you want because I have a special VIP Facebook group specifically for students where you can have access to me for questions, encouragement, and help, PLUS more in-depth bonus teaching that doesn’t take place in my free facebook group.

Easy — you’ll get time, save your money, and have less stress!

This course is great because it is going to free up your holiday season for you to enjoy time with your family, go to events, plan your family gathering…. all while saving money and keeping you out of the stores.

Your time will be your own again to use on what’s important to you, rather than running to the store and spending a fortune on a gift you are not sure your friend will like…and don’t get me started on the gift wrap! Sometimes it costs more than the gift itself!

Is it your friend’s birthday? Grab a bar of soap and a wash cloth PLUS a candle, arrange it in a pretty basket and you’ve got a gift in 5 minutes! And the best thing is you didn’t have to go anywhere or spend any money because you already had high-quality gifts on hand.

It’s going to save you money, free up your holiday season by keeping you out of the stores AND take minimal time to complete, even if you start late in the year. It’s going to save time you would be spending scrolling Pinterest for bulk projects because I’ve done all the research for you. All you need to do is follow the instructions!

It’s never too late — you’d just have to be reasonable about your plan. I teach this inside the program. This program isn’t just a course, it’s a no-stress system of making handmade gifts for your friends and family, even if you start late in the year.

I’ve included 4 different gift-making schedules, so you can start pretty much any time of the year. Start early in the year, or later — you can still make high quality (yet inexpensive) handmade gifts for some or all of your friends and family on your list.

You can absolutely do that, but first, consider that what you learn in the Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Program is something you can use every year, versus just for this year. Also, this program will save you money in the long run, and it can even pay for itself this year! Here’s how: this program will take you step by step through all of your planning, and give you control of your holiday budget.

No longer will you feel caught up in holiday debt because you lost track of what you were spending. You’ll feel more carefree because you’ll be keeping track of it using my easy-to-use planner pages. You’ll know what you are spending on each person on your list, and you’ll get control over your overall holiday budget.

Christmas gifts are a something we are happy to spend money on, but we’ll never get that money back. The money you spend on this course WILL come back to you through savings of time, energy, and money.

My program is a course right now, but my plan is to eventually make it into a monthly paid membership program. This is the time to get into the doors forever — with no extra charges ever. 


Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple is not a course — it’s handmade gift planning, group mindset coaching and ever-growing craft project library!

It also includes a VIP student Facebook group where we’ll have monthly trainings on things like:

  • How to choose the right kind of gift to make for someone
  • What to do when people don’t like your handmade gifts
  • What do I do if no one in my family likes handmade gifts
  • How to find cheap craft tools and supplies
  • How to break down the costs of the gifts you make
  • How to manage your thoughts around giving handmade gifts
  • Letting go of the stress and drama of the holiday season
  • and much more!

The Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Program is a deep dive into handmade gift-making. Without all the stress.


The Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple



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