Make handmade gifts on time, on budget,
and stress-free.

I totally understand how you feel. You know you want to make handmade gifts, but you just can’t seem to:

  • find the inspiration you need to make handmade gifts

  • come up with ideas that will be useful and appreciated by those you give them to

  • get started because you are afraid people won’t like whatever you make

  • prioritize the time needed to follow a handmade gift plan

Believe me, I’ve been there.

But here’s the good news…it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.



“Each year I have high hopes for creating handmade gifts for Christmas, but I always fail. I simply am not organized enough on my own! But this year, using this course, I am ahead of the game. I have my gifts planned out and know exactly when I will get them finished. It’s such a relief!”

~Mindy Wood, Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Member

In the Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Membership you will:

Regain control of your time so you can do all you have to do AND prioritize handmade gift-making

Create amazing, inexpensive handmade gifts your friends and family will love

Feel inspired throughout the whole process of making beautiful gifts

Have access to amazing resources that strengthen your skills every year

Within the Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Membership, we're shifting from feelings of inadequacy to a sense of empowerment when it comes to giving the gifts we create...with absolute confidence.

Embrace the joy of offering high-quality handmade gifts, free from negativity, overwhelm, and stress.

Navigate the holiday season with self-assurance and trust in your carefully crafted plan for creating handmade gifts.

Experience the freedom that comes when you let go of worries about others’ opinions of your handmade gifts.

Unlock a world of fresh ideas and a supportive community, providing encouragement and camaraderie.

Here's what's included in your monthly subscription:

Access to the Planning Portal, which includes:

My 8-Step Planning System
($167 value)

Let’s dive into the 8 essential steps for crafting the most amazing handmade gifts that truly reflect your style and personality. With straightforward instructions, you’ll breeze through the planning process like a pro.

Get excited about what’s in store for you: a planner worksheet PDF, super helpful instructional videos, and not one but four suggested schedules to kickstart your handmade gifts no matter the time of year. Embrace the confidence to unleash your creativity and make these gifts uniquely yours!

Mindset Modules ($152 value)

Get ready to rock and roll in my mindset module, where we’ll embark on a total mindset makeover! You’re about to witness a powerful transformation in how you approach planning, making, and giving handmade gifts. Say goodbye to those limiting thoughts and beliefs that have held you back from tapping into your true creative potential. No more being stuck in the mundane routine of buying gifts – we’re breaking free from that old pattern!

 Together, we’ll challenge those doubts and replace them with unshakable confidence in your crafting abilities. Trust me, by the end of this module, you’ll be oozing with self-assurance and creativity. Brace yourself for the surge of excitement as you embrace the joy of sharing heartfelt, handmade gifts that leave a lasting impression. It’s time to unleash the gift-giver extraordinaire within you! Let’s dive in and make this journey one to remember! 

Access to the Project Portal, which includes:

Our Huge Library of Projects
($722 value)

Prepare to be blown away by the treasure trove of creativity awaiting you! Get your hands on 38 fantastic projects accompanied by a whopping 42 instructional videos – and that’s just the beginning! In this extraordinary collection, I’ve included full, in-depth guidance on mastering four major skills every handmade gift-maker dreams of having. Brace yourself to learn all three methods of soap making, candle making (including an incredibly budget-friendly option), crafting your very own extracts, and nailing water bath canning for jams, jellies, pickles, and other high-acid foods.

But wait, there’s more! These projects also cover a wide range of additional skills to elevate your gift-making game. From mason jar and mix-in-a-jar gifts to spa treats, crochet masterpieces, junk journals, exquisite jewelry, herbal wonders, valet gifts, fanart journals, and stunning hand-painted and vinyl signs – you name it, we’ve got it! And let’s not forget those special holiday projects that will make every occasion extra magical.

And that’s not all – you’ll receive expert instruction on various Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio tools, unlocking even more possibilities for your creative endeavors. Get ready to immerse yourself in this confident, enriching journey of crafting the most unforgettable handmade gifts ever! Let’s dive in and unleash your full potential!

This exceptional collection also includes tons of printables to help you along the way. From handy guides and templates to inspiring design resources, these printables will be your trusty companions as you dive into the world of handmade gift-making. 

With this comprehensive package, your creative journey is about to reach new heights. So, let’s dive in and unleash your full potential, armed with the power of knowledge, skills, and a plethora of projects and printables to make your handmade gift-making adventure truly extraordinary! You’ve got this!

Also Included with Your Monthly Subscription
($267 value)

Access to our exclusive monthly co-crafting session, crafted just for our valued members like you! 

During this special session, we’ll be diving into the magic of focused crafting time, breaking it down into 25-minute blocks, giving you the perfect balance of productivity and camaraderie.

Whether you’re knitting, painting, or making homemade candles, you’ll have the freedom to work on the handmade gifts of your choice. It’s all about embracing your creativity and crafting with passion!

But it doesn’t end there; in between those dedicated blocks, we’ll indulge in some well-deserved socializing and getting to know each other better. This unique blend of focused crafting and community-building contributes to our strong, friendly group of crafters. Share tips, exchange ideas, and get inspired by the talents of your fellow crafters – the support and warmth within our crafting community are bound to keep you motivated and engaged!    ($19/value per session)

Twice per month, Kristi teaches two fantastic interactive workshops. These workshops are an absolute blast! You can either roll up your sleeves and work along with Kristi, diving headfirst into the world of handmade gift-making and other creative skills, or you can simply sit back, relax, and watch her in action.

The topics she covers are incredibly diverse and inspiring. Not only will you learn the art of crafting heartfelt handmade gifts, but you’ll also get exposed to a whole array of new ideas and skills. It’s like unlocking a treasure trove of creativity and talent!

And the best part? Kristi’s teaching style is so engaging and encouraging that you’ll feel inspired to try new things without any fear of judgment. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a complete beginner, these workshops are designed to cater to all skill levels.

You won’t want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity to expand your horizons and nurture your passion for crafting.    ($98 value/2 workshops)

Also available is a vibrant and inclusive member Facebook group, where kindness is the cornerstone of our community. We believe in creating a space where everyone feels embraced and celebrated, regardless of race, creed, sexual preference, or any other aspect of their identity. Our mission is to foster a diverse and accepting environment where all individuals are welcomed with open arms and without judgment.

In this kind community, we cherish each member’s unique perspectives, experiences, and creative talents. We are committed to upholding a culture of respect, empathy, and understanding, where everyone’s voice is valued and heard. Together, we stand as a united front against discrimination, bias, and prejudice.

So, whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting on your creative path, you are always welcome here. Join us and be a part of a warm and inclusive community that embraces the beauty of every individual and their contributions. 
($150 value)

That's over $1400 in resources that you can have access to TODAY!

With the yearly subscription, you get everything in the Monthly subscription, PLUS:

2 Free Months and So Much More

When you choose to pay for the full year instead of opting for a monthly subscription, you unlock a world of exclusive benefits and value that make it an irresistible deal! Here’s why committing to a full year is the smartest choice:

  1. Savings: Paying for the full year upfront gets you 2 free months — a $58 savings compared to the monthly subscription. You get to enjoy the full experience at a more budget-friendly rate.
  2. Uninterrupted Access: With an annual subscription, you won’t have to worry about renewing your membership every month. You’ll have uninterrupted access to all the resources and content throughout the entire year.
  3. Expanded Content Library: As the year progresses, the content library expands with new and exciting materials, projects, and resources. By opting for the full year, you won’t miss out on any of these fantastic additions.
  4. Deeper Learning: Crafting and learning new skills take time and practice. With a full-year subscription, you have ample time to delve into the content, practice techniques, and see remarkable improvements in your craft.
  5. Sense of Commitment: Committing to a full year shows your dedication to your handmade gift journey. It reinforces your motivation and encourages you to make the most out of the membership.
  6. Community Connection: By subscribing for a full year, you become an integral part of the Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple community. You’ll have more opportunities to build friendships, share experiences, and exchange ideas with fellow members.
  7. Special Perks: Our membership offer exclusive bonuses to those who commit to a full year in the form of a third portal: the Bonus Portal! This portal contains even MORE awesome resources to help you in your recordkeeping, planning, and overall in your awesome new handmade gift journey!

In conclusion, paying for the full year not only saves you money but also provides you with an immersive, continuous, and enriching experience. Embrace the journey and make the most out of your creative adventure by choosing the full-year subscription option. Your crafting endeavors are about to reach new heights!

Ready to embark on your handmade gift-making adventure?

Effortlessly plan all your handmade holiday gifts, ensuring they're delivered on time, within budget, and completely stress-free!

  • Master the art of planning exquisite handmade holiday gifts with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

  • Effortlessly conquer your handmade gift endeavors, delivering them on time, within budget, and stress-free.

  • Unlock comprehensive project instructions for sensational creations, including homemade extracts, exquisite handmade soap, captivating candles, irresistible beauty and self-care products, and an array of other mesmerizing gifts.

  • Stay ahead of the curve with regular additions of new projects and instructions, all provided at no extra charge!


After joining, you have unlimited access to the Planning and Project Portals for as long as you remain a member. Yearly paying members get two months free and access to the Bonus Portal, which offers many more resources!

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

Great question! I have used the system I teach in the Planning Portal for years now, and I’ve been able to give mostly handmade gifts at the holidays, plus I’ve been able to keep an overflow of handmade gifts on hand for other gift-giving occasions throughout the year.

I know this is going to work for you because inside are all the tools you need to get you the results you want with your handmade gift making. And I’m am going to make sure you get the results you want because I have a special VIP Facebook group specifically for students where you can have access to me for questions, encouragement, and help, PLUS more in-depth bonus teaching that doesn’t take place in my free facebook group.

Easy — you’ll get time, save your money, and have less stress!

The lessons in this membership will free up your holiday season so you can enjoy time with your family, go to events, plan your family gathering…. all while saving money and keeping you out of the stores.

Your time will be your own again to use on what’s important to you, rather than running to the store and spending a fortune on a gift you are not sure your friend will like…and don’t get me started on the gift wrap! Sometimes it costs more than the gift itself!

Is it your friend’s birthday? Grab a bar of soap and a wash cloth PLUS a candle, arrange it in a pretty basket and you’ve got a gift in 5 minutes! And the best thing is you didn’t have to go anywhere or spend any money because you already had high-quality gifts on hand.

It’s going to save you money, free up your holiday season by keeping you out of the stores AND take minimal time to complete, even if you start late in the year. It’s going to save time you would be spending scrolling Pinterest for bulk projects because I’ve done all the research for you. All you need to do is follow the instructions!

It’s never too late — you’d just have to be reasonable about your plan. I teach this inside the program. This program isn’t just a course, it’s a no-stress system of making handmade gifts for your friends and family, even if you start late in the year.

I’ve included 4 different gift-making schedules, so you can start pretty much any time of the year. Start early in the year, or later — you can still make high quality (yet inexpensive) handmade gifts for some or all of your friends and family on your list.

You can absolutely do that, but first, consider that what you learn in the Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Membership is something you can use every year, versus just for this year. Also, this program will save you money in the long run, and it can even pay for itself! Here’s how: this program will take you step by step through all of your planning, and give you control of your holiday budget.

No longer will you feel caught up in holiday debt because you lost track of what you were spending. You’ll feel more carefree because you’ll be keeping track of it using my easy-to-use planner pages. You’ll know what you are spending on each person on your list, and you’ll get control over your overall holiday budget.

Christmas gifts are a something we are happy to spend money on, but we’ll never get that money back. The money you spend on this course WILL come back to you through savings of time, energy, and money.

This membership is $19/mo or $190/year right now, but because I add 40-50 new lessons and projects every year, the price is only ever going to go up. This is the time to get into the doors and lock in the price you want to pay — for as long as you remain a member! 


Introducing Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple, a one-of-a-kind course that goes beyond expectations. It’s not just any course; it’s a comprehensive package that includes everything you need to make your handmade gift journey a smashing success!

As a valued participant, you’ll have exclusive access to my Mindset Module, a treasure trove of empowering trainings on various essential topics. From mastering the art of selecting the perfect handmade gift to handling situations when recipients don’t fully appreciate your heartfelt creations, we’ve got you covered. Uncover hidden gems on finding affordable craft tools and supplies, and learn smart strategies to manage the costs of your handmade gifts like a pro. But that’s not all – we’ll delve into taming your thoughts and emotions surrounding gift-giving, and we’ll show you how to let go of holiday season stress and drama.

With Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple Membership, you’re embarking on a profound exploration of the enchanting world of handmade gift-making. We’ll make sure that every step of the way is stress-free, so you can fully embrace the joy and fulfillment of creating meaningful gifts. Get ready for an empowering experience that will elevate your gift-making skills to new heights! Let’s dive in and make this journey unforgettable together!

I started crafting as a child, and have loved most all crafts that I have tried. I just love working with my hands! The only problem is that I could quickly accumulate a closet full of crafted items that no one wanted! My skills were just not up to par.


As my skills developed over the years, so did my confidence in the items I was making. As an added bonus others’ interest also developed! I knew I could make high-end gifts for my friends and family if I could get organized.


I needed a system for creating handmade holiday gifts for my friends and family that wasn’t going to stress me out at the last minute. I created one and was finally able to stay within my holiday budget, use the skills that I have honed over the years, and bless my friends and family with gifts that feel high-end and expensive (but definitely are not)!


If you want to learn how to take your holiday crafting to the next level, you are exactly in the right place. I hope you will grab my Handmade Holidays Planner to help you do just that!


The Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple