Welcome to Granny Square of the Month!

Thank you for signing up for this free, easy, and value-packed event! This event runs from April 1st, 2023 through November 30th, 2023. By the end of this event, you will have learned 7 granny squares and have a gift ready to give by the holidays!

Hi, I'm Kristi!

I'll be your teacher. 🙂


Everything will be in one place on the GSOM Update Page on the Create A Handmade Holiday website. This page will serve as the “home base” for this event. Aside from emails, all correspondence will be added to that page. Also:

    • Every 1st of the month, you will receive an email letting you know that a new granny square is available. The link to the GSOM Update Page will be in every email.

    • All of those patterns will be linked there so you only need to go to the update page to find them.

    • New correspondence will be added to the top of the page, dated and in color.



For best results with this event, I suggest you do the things on the list below.

*This is not a requirement to participate if you do not use Facebook. However, the Facebook group will be where the community aspect (help, sharing photos, etc.) will take place. Emails regarding this event will not be prioritized. Sorry for any inconvenience this presents.


PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS DOCUMENT, THE LINK TO THE UPDATE PAGE, OR ANY OF THE PATTERNS WITH ANYONE. THIS EVENT IS FREE ONLY TO THOSE WHO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS EVENT. If someone you know would like to participate, please send them to the link below to sign up to receive updates and alerts pertaining to this event. https://www.createahandmadeholiday.com/granny-squares-2023-signup