while you learn!

What if you could learn to crochet AND make a blanket at the same time? You can when you join me for this awesome event that will span over 8 months. We are working slow so that everyone can achieve GREAT results!

It won’t be hard and you’ll have help along the way. And at the end, you will have a beautiful lap blanket you can gift to a friend or family member this holiday season!

One granny square design per month will be sent out to you by email, with instructions on how to make it and how many to make for the month.

These simple granny squares will start simple and get progressively harder at a pace that will enable even a beginning crocheter will be able to keep.

Runs April through November.

Join the Granny Square of the Month Event and learn to crochet in a fun and friendly environment PLUS craft a beautiful lap blanket gift for someone special!