I help holiday crafters plan fun, easy, and high quality handmade gifts that make people say, “Wow, you made this?!”

Your handmade gifts are just as good as storebought gifts…maybe better.

Your loving handiwork is enough. You practice your crafting with thoughtfulness and care, and the gifts you produce are a labor of love.

But if you don’t think they are good enough, you’re probably worried that others won’t think they are good enough either.

And that type of attitude translates into the expressions and words we use as we are giving our handmade gifts…which in essence tell people what they should think of your gift.

Let’s face it – we can “miss the mark” with any gift, whether it costs $5 or $25. The risk is the same, and it’s a good chance the recipient will simply say, “Thank you.”

But what about all of the other stuff you struggle with around making handmade gifts? Things like:

  • Making the “perfect plan”, then realizing you bit off more than you could chew
  • Beating yourself up for not achieving the result you want and abandoning your plan…again
  • Feeling like your craft stash must be breeding in your craft room because your work space keeps getting smaller
  • Carrying ALL THAT GUILT because you’ve spent so much money on craft supplies with nothing to show for it

People who don’t craft might think it’s silly, but being a crafter can really feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

You CAN make a plan and follow it. You CAN achieve the results you want. You CAN get control of your craft stash and let go of the guilt. 

Making handmade gifts can solve all of that, but it will take some commitment on your part.

It’s time to normalize handmade gift-giving. There no reason not to. It’s good for your brain, your craft room, and your pocketbook.

Hi, I’m Kristi! For years I wanted to make handmade gifts for my friends and family, but it seemed like whenever my brain caught up to starting said gifts, it was always November! Now, I know how to get started early, make a plan, and create gifts that my people truly treasure.

No crafting experience?

No problem!

In my signature program, Handcrafted Gifts Made Simple, I’ll teach you how to do everything from making homemade soap and candles to crocheting an adorable baby lovey.

Plus, I’ll teach you how to do all this on a timeline that will have you relaxing and sipping eggnog come December.